Open access data on excess mortality across 132 districts, 8 states

There is consensus that reported COVID-19 mortality across India are the tip of a rather grim iceberg. However, the degree of the undercounting is far from settled. The degree of underestimation also potentially varies drastically across cities, urban and rural India, and state administrations. …

An interactive platform of district-level COVID risk projections for India

The second-wave of Covid-19 caught most of India — both governments and citizens — thoroughly unprepared. Several commentators have pointed out that lack of preparation, slack amongst government and citizens in pandemic precaution, and a complacent attitude toward evidence exacerbated the tragedy.

The second wave may be waning in Mumbai…

We added district level daily vaccination data to the open-access Covid portal we built last year.

The Challenge

India has seen an astronomical increase in active Covid cases since Holi (March, 2021). The country is nervous about a second lockdown. Rightly so, as it would be a blow to the already battered livelihoods of millions of informal workers after last year. Parallelly, the increase in cases…

An open-access dataset of 80 million Indian legal case records

The 7000 odd courts that make up India’s lower judiciary processed more than 80 million cases between 2010–2018. That huge backlog and scarce resources plague Indian courts is well-known. But which districts bear the greatest burden? Where has delay in…

Development Data Lab

We develop cutting edge data sources and harness the latest analytical tools to help people in poverty around the world achieve their true potential.

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